Friends!!! Friends!!! Friends!!! Friends!!! Friends!!!

Come help us celebrate a year+ of extra-hard work @ 276 Golden Gate!
Get High on Mountains opens its doors for the first time ever—to celebrate the (now filled) 12 artist studios. Join us for a good time, a killer party, and lots of amazing art!

Live set by dumb thumbs.
*Surprise musical guest* ... stay tuned!
Pop-up performance by Melissa Lewis (the sardine)
Inaugural GHOM gallery show
Delicious snacks, drinks, etc
And way more, TBA.

FREE admission
Snacks and beverages available
All proceeds and donations support Get High on Mountains.

American Doers + People Magazine

American Doers + People Magazine

Our own Katie Gong is featured here on American Doers Epoisode 7 for People Magazine!

Meet the San Francisco Carpenter Taking the World of Woodworking by Storm

Katie Gong was born with a love of woodworking.  “My whole family — my grandfather, my father — we all worked in wood,” she says.

“When I was growing up, I never thought about masculine or feminine job roles,” she adds. “I guess it’s just a shock that a woman could make something that they thought a man made.  Click here to read the full article.